Improve your English speaking and listening fluency by practicing conversation skills with a variety of everyday discussion topics. Additionally, build your confidence and widen your comfort zone for dealing with real-life situations.

English Conversation classes widen your vocabulary, introduce new idioms and expressions, and expand collocations in a comfortable atmosphere of sharing and learning. You are provided with tools to understand and participate in conversations around you.

Before you register, you will be given a free placement test and the free interview and consultation with an educational advisor to place you in a suitable level (Beginners-Advanced).

You can register for a month of courses and target a few areas of improvement (your teacher will help you keep track of them). You can also form a plan to achieve your learning goals. The choice is yours.

Certificates are awarded upon successful completion of the course.

Is this a free class?

This is a paid class.

Should I take 1-to-1 or group classes?

Many learners prefer 1-to-1 classes because they feel shy in a group setting. But group classes offer learners more chances for practice. It is recommended that you sign up for group classes.

What levels are offered?

We offer beginner to advanced courses. After the free placement test and free consultation, you will be placed at the suitable level.

Were you looking for something else?

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