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Lexicon Language Institute offers certified and accredited courses in English and Bahasa Malaysia to help students of all ages meet their language learning goals.

Online, teacher-centred classes for adults: 1-to-1

1-to-1, group and intensive classes for adults

You will learn how to

Kids and young learners need a chance to

Get confidence & fluency in your conversational English


We offer tailored courses for English and Bahasa Melayu.


Bahasa Melayu

Explore new Courses

We always strive to be innovative in teaching. 

for School Subjects

Helps students to comprehend their courses in school better & faster.

Online / Face-to-Face

Weekdays & Weekends

English Essential Vocabulary

Helps to learn the right & the most frequently used English words to communicate.

Online / Face-to-Face

Weekdays & Weekends

English for Teenagers

Helps to learn the required English knowledge for communication on e-commerce platforms.

Online / Face-to-Face

Weekdays & Weekends

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